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HaoPlay USA, Inc. is a video game marketing company that specializes in marketing and promoting mobile games for smartphones.
We work with China-based game designers and producers to promote mobile games to the United States, creating authentic relationships with gamers and building a network of local U.S.-based developers, publishers, and business partners with which to collaborate for ongoing game development.
HaoPlay USA, Inc. is owned and funded by two foreign companies: HaoPlay Limited (Hong Kong), and Shanghai HaoPlay Interactive Entertainment Co., Ltd (China).
Founded in 2019, HaoPlay Limited is a Hong Kong-based headquarter of HaoPlay group. Shanghai HaoPlay Interactive Entertainment Co., Ltd., is a China-based video game publisher that was also formed in 2019 and has since released multiple games that have garnered multiple accolades and a robust user base, particularly in Asian and North American markets. HaoPlay USA Inc. serves as the base of HaoPlay’s North American operations.
With a U.S. office, HaoPlay can better access joint venture opportunities and skilled talent, leverage on-the-ground insights to localize and optimize the games to better appeal to a U.S. audience, build market share, and position itself for a public offering in the American stock market.

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