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back Dec 14, 2023

Haoplay Triumphantly Launches RevelationM, Leading Players into a World of Fantasy

Dec 14, 2023 - As a game publisher specializing in the marketing and promotion of mobile games, Haoplay has been collaborating with Chinese game designers and producers since its inception in 2019 to bring quality mobile games to the global stage. Today, Haoplay proudly announces the successful launch of the highly anticipated open-world MMORPG, RevelationM.

RevelationM is an open-world role-playing game rooted in Eastern fantasy. Set in a continent where various races coexist harmoniously, adventurers in RevelationM can equip themselves with wings for unrestricted free flight, or dive deep into the ocean to explore the mysterious abodes of the Seafolk. The game stands out for its rich lore and high level of freedom, offering players an immersive experience in a world filled with fantastical elements.

Haoplay's vision is to foster authentic relationships with gamers and to build a global network of developers, publishers, and business partners to facilitate ongoing game development and bring more fun games to players worldwide.

The launch of RevelationM marks a significant step forward for Haoplay in the field of mobile game publishing. Haoplay looks forward to expanding its global gaming market presence through RevelationM and future projects.