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back Jan 20, 2024

RevelationM Celebrates One Month of Remarkable Success Since Official Launch on December 14th, A Joint Venture by NetEase Games and Haoplay

RevelationM, the innovative massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed by NetEase Games and co-published by Haoplay, marks one month of exceptional success since its official launch on December 14th. The game has captivated a wide audience, earning acclaim for its engaging gameplay and immersive world.

In celebration of this one-month milestone, RevelationM hosted a series of creative and interactive activities, including the "Character Face Creation Contest" and the "Capture the beauty of Nuanor in RevelationM" These events drew in enthusiastic participation from the game's community, showcasing the players' creativity and engagement with the game world.
The "Character Face Creation Contest" has successfully concluded, showcasing players' extraordinary talents in crafting unique and eye-catching game characters. Winners, selected through public voting, were rewarded with Amazon gift cards for their impressive creations.

Similarly, the "Capture the beauty of Nuanor in RevelationM" also wrapped up splendidly. Players captured the stunning vistas of Nuanor in RevelationM, from the enchanting Hoveria to the magnificent oceans. The winning entries, celebrated for their artistic representation of Nuanor's beauty, were also awarded generous prizes.

With more thrilling updates and events on the horizon, RevelationM continues to expand its global presence and influence.