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back Jan 26, 2024

Haoplay Shines at Taipei International Game Show with Three Exciting New Titles

Haoplay, a name that has been increasingly resonating in the gaming industry, made a significant impact at this year's Taipei International Game Show, showcasing its innovation and market leadership with the debut of its latest game, "PJEP." The game's unveiling immediately captured the attention of media and gamers alike, signaling a new breakthrough for Haoplay in the global gaming market.

"PJEP," the flagship new release from Haoplay, is set for a global launch, with plans to release in Europe, America, South Korea, Japan, China, and other regions. The game's design and technology reflect Haoplay's commitment to innovation and a high-quality gaming experience. At the show, Haoplay also released a teaser trailer for "PJEP," further heightening the anticipation among audiences and players.

In addition to "PJEP," Haoplay also showcased two other highly anticipated new games: "Ash Echoes" and "Prometheus." "Ash Echoes," an unique adventure game, will be exclusively available in Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan. "Prometheus," an innovative strategy game, is set to be launched in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and South Korea. The showcase of these two games further solidifies haoplay's leadership in the gaming development arena.

Senior management at Haoplay, in an interview, expressed the company's ongoing commitment to creating immersive gaming experiences and exploring new market opportunities. They emphasized that Haoplay will continue to invest heavily in game innovation and technological development to meet the needs of gamers worldwide.
Overall, haoplay's performance at this year's Taipei International Game Show was impressive, with the showcase of its three new games marking a further expansion and development in the global gaming market.